In Summary

I DO CHERISH YOU. Simon Peter Kabugo Kyeya, a banker at Bank of Baroda and Ann Mary, an administrator, tied the knot on December 15, 2016. They share their story with CHRISTINE KATENDE about what it was like wedding around Christmas time and how they managed.

What was it like spending the first Christmas as marrieds?
Simon Peter: I used to spend Christmas with my parents and relatives. From honeymoon to being home with my wife. It felt calm and lovely.
Ann Mary: It was strange in a nice way. I almost proposed that we have Christmas at my parents’ house but I realised this was a new life I had to adjust to.

How were the wedding preparations like?
Simon Peter: It was okay but I was only worried about the bride since she had to move around in search of different things. I had a big team that helped me put things together.
Ann Mary: Setting the wedding date was not easy and our wedding fell on a Thursday because all weekends were booked. Being a week day, manoeuvering the traffic was not hard but the chaos that comes with Christmas excitement was inevitable.

Did you have guests on Christmas?
Simon Peter: No, we had a handful because most people knew we were still away for honeymoon. We visited an uncle later in the evening.

What challenged you most during wedding preparations?
Simon Peter: Besides the excitement that comes with the season, we were not really affected because we planned early enough.

During the honeymoon, did you get any bonus?
Simon Peter: Yes, we were favoured wherever we went they would inquire if we were newlyweds. The hospitality and treatment was so different.
What was your decor like?
Ann Mary: I had a colour theme in mind. It was not all that Christmas-y but yes, I incorporated different colours such as royal blue, and silver.

What kind music playlist did you have?
Simon Peter: We had a play list of normal party songs despite the season and the DJ had to follow it to the dot.

What did you do about getting married around Christmas time?
Simon Peter: We had options and many were talking about the pressure that comes with weddings. I however targeted December around 15th, the time when people are in a good mood and relaxed. Most people are always in Christmas mood around that time.
Ann Mary: I had wanted to spend Christmas with him, so mid-December was an appropriate time to wed.
And still, I wanted to take leave from work with the benefits of incorporating Christmas holiday once and for all. That way, I resumed work relaxed after a long and exciting holiday.

What did not you like about the time?
Simon Peter: Finances are a little bit on the tight end since many are preparing for Christmas. They plan and keep their money for the best time of the year. I also lost some money around that period. This is the time you run after everybody and you will never get them. It was tricky but we went through it.
Ann Mary: Given the number of functions around the time, getting a venue was not easy. We even had to change the venue and make the cards again because the initial venue had issues. It was so disturbing. And service providers were also unreliable.

What is that big challenge you recall getting after the wedding?
Simon Peter: I was robbed shortly before the wedding, I had ignored this but the effect later popped up after the wedding. We started from zero and we had almost spent all the money. Thank God, my wife was supportive through this time.
Ann Mary: I had taken leave till the following year but it so happened that he had to return to work shortly after Christmas. It was so strange staying alone in the house after the two consecutive weeks of being by each other’s side. It was boring since all things had been stolen.

Did you get many gifts because of Xmas?
Simon Peter: Yes, we received many gifts.
Ann Mary: Apart from the wedding gifts, I only got gifts from my husband. I think we did not receive gifts from other people because they knew we were away during Christmas.

What is your advice to someone who is wedding during the same time?
Simon Peter: Think through it with your bride and plan together, pray about it and surround yourself with the right people.
Ann Mary: Plan very early to avoid last minute rush and disappoints.
Also, have all you need ready a week to your wedding.