In Summary

Do not wait until your roof falls off or the leakage gets out of hand, know the tell-tale signs of a roof that needs to be refurbished.

Evidence that you need to repair or replace your roof is sometimes underestimated. Most times, it is hard to know when you might need a roof replacement because a roof is not something that you check every day.
Davies Lukyamuzi of Uganda Baati says, check your roof at least twice a year to look for any signs of damage. He says that way, a person will be able to make the necessary repairs or replace their roof in case there is need.
“Finding damages early can save you a lot of trouble and a lot of money in the long run and you could avoid potential dangers. If you wait until your ceiling starts changing colour or for water to drip on your head, probably you would have waited for too long,” he explains.
He adds that there are signs that people should always pay attention too. Here is how you can find out whether your roof needs attention.

Make a visual inspection
According to Molly Muteteri, a marketing representative at Roofings Uganda limited, the best starting point in determining whether your roof can be restored is by carrying out a simple visual inspection. She says this can help you to observe whether you need to refurbish your roof or to do a simple repair.
“A simple visual inspection can help you identify some signs which may help you know whether you roof needs immediate attention or whether it is still fine, if you are not able to do it yourself, you can hire someone to check for you once in a while,” she advises.

Check the gutters
Paul Muhangi, a builder, who maintains and repairs roofs in Seeta, observes that gutters play a significant role in keeping water off of your roof and preventing moisture damage to your home. He says if one paid attention to the gutters, they would be able to determine whether the roof is in a stable condition or not.
“Your roof sheds rainwater to the gutters, so looking closely at the gutters can give you some insight into the health of your roof. When cleaning the gutters, which should be at least twice a year, look for pieces of roofing material. This could indicate a deteriorating roof,” he says.

Light visibility
Muhangi says when you checkup on the roof in the dark, you are not supposed to see any lighting. He says light coming in from your roof could mean that you have cracks and holes in the roof. “The best time to check this out is at sunset because it will be dark enough inside with no lights but if it is bright enough for you to see the light coming through, that is an indication that there could be some holes in your roof,” he notes.

Check for molds and moss
Also look out for is moss and mould. Muteteri explains that if mould and moss has grown outside your roof, then tiles could force themselves apart, creating a gap that lets in water. “For tiled roofs, look out for tiles that show signs of rotting or moss, this will help you determine whether your roof needs refurbishing,” she says.

Water damage
Muteteri says water damage should be the last sign that your roof needs immediate attention.
“If you are seeing pools of standing water, or bubbles in the roof cover, wet insulation, cracking layers and gaps in flashing, then your roof is in a sorry state,” she says.
She explains that these issues can accelerate the deterioration of the roof cover and can lead to leaks, mold growth and failure especially during the rainy season. She adds that other problems can also be detected from inside the building for example water stains, mold growth and unusual odours, which are indicators of possible roofing issues.

Get professional opinion
To Lukyamuzi says if you observe any signs of a damaged roof, bring in a professional who can conduct a thorough inspection. He says this could give an accurate picture of the condition of your roof.
He adds that: “The more time passes, the greater the potential damage and the more it costs to restore it, so always spare some time in the year and check on the condition of your roof,” he advises.