In Summary
  • New look. Bag packs should not only be possessions for school going children.
  • They should be a must-have for grown up women too, writes Esther Oluka

Carrying a handbag (especially the big ones) can be inconvenient at times. They tend to be bulky and as a result, may strain the shoulders. In order to avoid some of such hindrances, one may need to opt for a bag pack. These are more convenient to carry since they are supported on the back and also because, they come with two straps.
Shelley Birungi, a field officer, is one of those women who loves bag packs. In her closet, she has ten of them made of different colour and design.
“I am always moving up and down and find it more suitable carrying a bag pack. I normally put in my bottle of water, notebook, pen and small make-up kit before embarking on any assignment. Once in the field, the bag back gives me the opportunity to carry out my work faster since I am able to move easily,” Birungi says.
For other women working in similar professions that often require a lot of movements, Birungi advises they too can get bag packs in order to ease their work. Professions like journalism, photography, entertainment, among others.
Bag packs are also appropriate for those who often move with a lot of items, but also most importantly, if you are the kind of trendy fashionista, then, you must at least own one.

Fun with fashion:
Here are some bag pack types for you…
• The mini-bag packs are really quite small and tend to be more attractive than the rest of the other types. Because of their size, one can only carry a few items inside them such as a purse or make-up kit. There are some women who actually just carry them around without anything inside them. These are usually common among university girls.
• If you are the type of woman who is always moving with a laptop either for doing work or studying purposes, then, you would need to get a laptop bag.
• There are also the travel bag packs that are often huge in size. These tend to have a lot of space for all sorts of items. You can always get one for yourself for travel purposes.
• There are also trendy bag packs on the market. These often come in cool colours and patterns.
• The drawstring type of backpacks are often light are ideal for the gym lovers.