I walked a safe distance taking in his brown eyes and chubby face. He was incredibly handsome he actually looked beautiful. His hair was curly. I imagined him as a spitting image of his mother perhaps.
He kept looking around at his surroundings as he gently bounced to the rhythm of his father’s movements as they moved down the gentle slope into the market area. Oh the warmth of a young child in his parent’s arms. The younger child at home is now quite tall. Many a times my mind ponders the reality of his fast growth. Just the other day all he did was suck his thumb and smile beautifully with his trademark dimple.
Now he is tall, lean and lanky. He has his own mind which is as crisp as a new blade. He asks very intelligent questions and is significantly in touch with his emotions.

He has many dreams and pursues his hobbies with a passion and vengeance that is palpable. I watch from the sidelines and I refuse to think about the fact that my baby though he will always be a baby to me is not a baby anymore. With each passing day he grows into someone I have not yet fully grasped. And yet when he runs to hug his mother or when he flashes his incredibly amazing dimpled smile every cell in my being melts.
Seeing the baby bouncing off his father’s shoulders as I walked through the market place reminded me of the passage of time.

I love this December month. It is a time of winding down and reflection. It is my me-month so to speak. With the children taking a break from school and with family functions taking precedence, I sit back quietly and take in this thing called life.
December by default becomes the month of re-thinking the New Year. A time to prayerfully seek the mind and purpose of God seeing the old year is now ending. It occurred to me that unless I take time to see the beauty that surrounds me, the natural thing will be to focus on all the ugly and miserable things.

So I look past the traffic and celebrate the beauty of beautiful and powerful machines in their many shades and colours. I thank God for the big and the small alike. I thank God for laughter and for rich food. I choose to celebrate every moment, even the seemingly dark nights because without darkness the stars would not shine.