KAMPALA- Rally driver Ambrose Byona warned that the 2019 National Rally Championship (NRC) will even be harder to win.
Byona believes one has to own a good car and at the same time be very competitive.

Driver Yassin Nasser of Moil rally team appears to have heeded that call after acquiring a Subaru GVB R4.

Nasser secured the GVB formerly owned by African Rally Champion Manvir Baryan and was driven to a 2017 KNRC title by Finn Champion Tapio Laukannen.
It’s the second Subaru GVB R4 to land on Ugandan soil with the first bought in by Duncan Mubiru this year.

In an interview at his office in Banda, Nasser said that he bought the car to enjoy at the same time be competitive come next season.

He said; “the last four years have been a learning process but 2019 is different. I want to come out and start challenging the top drivers and even finish in respectable positions on the NRC calendar.

In order to get the best out of the car Nasser has brought on board new members led by former driver Ranjit Kuku as the head of technical.
He believes he will also have to go for training outside and within Uganda if he going to get the best out of the car.

Why the GVB of all cars?
Nasser believes the Subaru GVB is more reliable than the Subaru N10. “Its lighter, quicker and more competitive on the African terrain,” he added.

Another reason to why they switched to GVB is because they had a lot of misfortune in the season where the N10 was not performing to the expectation of the team.

Nasser with the coming of the new baby in the family is expected to do both the Ugandan and Tanzanian championships and will maintain Ali Katumba as his co- Driver.