Woodrow Wilson, the 28th US president once said, “The real fruition in life is to do the thing we said we wished to do.” It is almost every corporate person’s wish to have a side income. However, the wish is usually far from reality; running a business on the side or taking on any side-projects quickly becomes a juggling act.

As one task comes up, another is on its way and if you are not careful, it might just fall to the ground and throw everything off. It is this challenge that makes a side hustle both invigorating yet nerve-racking at the same time.

Hatma Nalugwa Ssekaya a news anchor with for NTV Akawungeezi shares with us her journey of juggling her career and a side business.

Passionate about food
“I am into outside catering services; Hatmahz Kitchen and Café as my side business,” Ssekaya shares, “However, we have no location at the moment! We are mobile. That is why we are mainly into catering for events /functions.”

With several side businesses failing because they are started on a basis of trial and error, I ask her how she knew that catering was what she wanted to do. “Firstly, I have a very big or say, huge passion for the kitchen! I have loved to cook since my childhood. Besides that, who does not love food?! I have also come to realise that you can never go wrong with food business provided you know what to do and do it to your best.”

Balancing career and side hustle
With a career to build and assignments, you need no extra burdens. However, Ssekaya says, “This is quite easy for me; my career is Monday to Friday, while my side business is mainly over the weekends. As such, I have time to do both.”

That aside, many corporate people have had to sacrifice their side businesses because their employers have not taken it well that they have projects besides the main job. Some have been labelled unreliable or unserious.

How does she pull this off? “For as long as I execute my office duties very well,, my bosses are okay with me running my side business,” Ssekaya intimates, “The good thing is, I have two days off per week and my side business duties fall mainly during my off days. With that, my side work cannot really bother my bosses.”

On the issue of workers, many have cried foul as their hard-earned money and reputation has been ruined by workers who care less about the business’ survival. In regard to recruitment, Ssekaya says, “At the moment, it is through referrals from friends. Nonetheless, we are still a small team. However, when business expands, I will have to start recruiting the way big companies like NTV do it.”

Another common reason as to why side businesses fail is poorly managed accounts and mismanagement, since the owners are barely on site, only coming in at the weekend or in the evening if time allows. Ssekaya says, “We are just a year old in this business so I am still the overall manager. I have a lot to learn regarding how to run it successfully. I keep the records while my husband(an accountant), helps with auditing on a monthly basis.”

Get a cushion
Many women, have a fear of starting up something! Others are so comfortable in the office. Unless it is your father’s company, anything can happen tomorrow! Get out of your comfort zone, and put your youth to use, into something that you can always fall back to, should things change.