I believe corruption and embezzlement of public funds is the root cause of Uganda’s poor health system.

It is not that Uganda is the poorest of the poorest countries that 16 mothers die every day, that 570 young people get infected with HIV every week, that the country gets vaccinated by a ‘fake vaccine, and that people die in Kawempe hospital (an extension of Mulago National Referral Hospital) due to lack of oxygen facilities, among others.

Now, this week, President Museveni promised that his government will allocate more than Shs350 billion towards a countrywide indoor spraying of malaria in a bid to eliminate malaria. This is a brilliant idea, but will this money be put to effective use?

You might find more than 50 per cent of that will go into administration/allowances and more than 20 per cent will disappear in thin air.

Before you know it, Parliamentary accountability committee will be called to sit, probe the irregularities in the project implementation. And where will the Shs350 billion come from? A debt that all of us will indirectly suffer to repay
Charles Tumwebaze,
[email protected]