Put down the rule book for a moment and try something new such as hanging curtains from ceiling as opposed to right after the window.

Hanging curtains right above the window comes automatically for curtain fitters so you may need to supervise this process.

The advantage of breaking this rule is that the walls of the room are made to seem taller and grander.

Mix checkered and floral
Gone are the days of plain matched up with floral, or plain fabric paired up with checkered prints. Now one can mix florals with geometric patterns.

The key is to make sure that both designs have a common colour and one design should take on a smaller print than the other to avoid competition.

Brighten up your bedroom
The popular notion is that one’s bedroom should be dressed in soft hues to encourage relaxation especially after a long hectic day.

The suggestion that your love for bold, bright patterns and colours should be put on the shelf because of a rule can be frustrating.

However, as you plan to go rogue there are counter measures we can take to make this acceptable. For example; patterns can be restricted to particular areas of the bedroom preferably not on the bed linen. Also, using soft, warm, yellow lighting helps tone down the bright colours in the night.

Switching fabric use
This is an experience that I recently went through. I had limited time to go curtain hunting and limited finances but the job had to be done!

While I was pondering how I was going to pull this off, it dawned on me that I could go to my favourite fabric supplier and select one of her fabulous chair materials (sold cheaper per metre compared to curtain fabric) and have them sewn into curtains!

Of course not all chair upholstering fabric can be transformed for this purpose but it worked; the plus being that the curtains also turned out to have great sun blocking characteristics.