Bernard Kuule’s sofas had turned into a hub for rodents. He tried to get rid of them in vain until he decided to switch to metallic woven rattan furniture a year ago.

“I bought a new leather sofa set when I was moving into my house, they looked very nice and gave me comfort, until a rat entered the house, it destroyed my furniture and waste from inside the chairs started pouring on the carpet,” he shares, adding that his living room started producing a nasty and disgusting odour. Kuule had started to hate spending time in his sitting room. It was at this point that he thought of replacing the sofas with metallic chairs woven with rattan. He is now enjoying a new feel of comfortable and long lasting chairs.
You have probably seen such furniture in some of the big hotels around town mainly in the gardens. One hotelier shared that they use such furniture because they are durable as compared to the rest of the furniture. This is the one reason why you should not be tone apart, wondering which kind of furniture to fit your living room. Or if you want to replace the existing furniture.

Try out the new metallic chairs woven with rattan. These are made in different colours, designs and formats to fit all sizes and kind rooms.
Weather resistant
David Kiggundu, an interior designer and the proprietor Chrome outdoor furniture at Luwaffu along Salama road, says the new metallic woven rattan furniture are weather resistant - they are neither affected by rain or sun shine even when left outside.

Kiggundu says the furniture can last up to 15 years without the rattan being replaced. The chairs are made in a raised format and because there is nothing like timber waste that is stuffed inside to bring out the shape or make them soft, it’s hard for rodents to hide in there.
“People have always bought beautiful sofas but with less or no knowledge of how durable the timber used is. However, the metal on which the rattan is woven is strong enough to stay for life.

The art of weaving and the material used makes the furniture very exceptional and beautiful.
Unlike sofas, the metallic woven rattan furniture can be customised according to the client’s desires. They are multipurpose as they can work both indoors and outdoors. Kiggundu says, in case you want to feel the natural breeze, you just need to remove the cushions and easily carry the chairs outside.
Depending on the house wall paint theme colour, the colour of the cushions can easily be blended with other items in the house such as curtains and centre carpet.

Kiggundu says this kind of furniture is light. Unlike the bulky sofas, this specific type can easily be transferred from one place to another and one can never be worried of breakage.

The chairs are very affordable depending on the size of the furniture you need. They are designed in different shapes including; L-shaped, box- shaped and basket shaped. Five-seater (three-seater and two singles) cost Shs4m, six seatre (two doubles and two singles) at Shs5.5m and four seater (two singles and a double) at Shs3m.

Rattan chairs come in different colours such as ash grey, black, cream, white, coffee brown and green.

The rattan material
Rattan, the material used to weave this gorgeous furniture on the Ugandan market, is composed of plastic, rubber and UV (ultraviolet rays).

This cannot be easily destroyed or eaten by rats. Among other metallic woven furniture include, dining sets with glass tops, centre tables with glass tops, poofs, stools, garden sets, pool seats, book shelves, storage boxes, flower vases, room patterns and cabin accessories. After the centre tables and dining tables are weaved, a 2x3 fit mm glass is fixed on top to give the table a smooth surface. The furniture can only be got from chrome outdoor furniture located along Salama road and New London stores in Bukoto.