In daily life, there are things that we usually do; sometimes on a daily basis but we do not know these practices are very harmful to our health. Some are driven by fashion while others are just out of laziness. Below are some of them.

Not changing pads
At the start and end of the menstrual cycle, many women experience spotted bleeding which usually brings the temptation to wear one sanitary towel throughout the day.

“You should never wear the same sanitary towel throughout the day according to Dr Joseph Nsengiyunva, a gynaecologist at Bethany Women’s Hospital, Luzira. This is because sanitary towels get contaminated if worn for a long time. They must be changed every five hours.”

Once worn for a long durations, pads can lead to vaginal infections and redness. Changing them often prevents any infection or growth of organisms in the already used pad or tampon. Change about twice to thrice in this case, you always have a clean pad on.

Tight unwashed bras
This applies to the underwired and the padded ones. It is important to maintain hygiene and experts advice that bras must be washed at best after three uses. Prolonged use without washing can make it smell and stretch the cup fabric, making them loose and ill-fitting shortly after you have bought it.
“Problems such as skin irritation, breast fungus, poor blood circulation and hyperpigmentation can be caused if underwired bras are worn for long. It should not be a habit to wear them daily. Also, they must not be very tight,” says Dr Edward Ogwang a dermatologist at Skin Specialist Clinic.
Poorly fitted bras often cause back, shoulder and spinal ache. Wearing your bra at night while you sleep is a harmful practice. This keeps the pectoral muscles restrained, affecting the circulation of nerves in the arms and damaging the breast tissues. Also, the hook of the bra strap can cause a bruise while you are asleep.

Washing with soap
Good hygiene is paramount for every woman. However, using soap to wash your genitals is not an ideal thing to do. Simply washing with water or a little douching is enough because the genitals have a self-cleaning mechanism a clear sticky fluid that prevents the growth of microbes.
“This is because the genitals are very delicate and once the chemicals contained in the soap enter the vulva; they can change the natural pH balance and make it unnecessarily dry and itchy exposing you to infections,” says Dr Nsengiyunva.

Sleeping with makeup
No matter how tired you may be, sleeping in your makeup is one of the biggest beauty mistakes. Sleeping with makeup on causes premature aging, blisters and dirty pillow cases.
If you are too tired to wash your face, have wipes next to your bed so you can remove it.

Popping at acne
If you constantly get diverted to that acne on your face and keep popping it, it is not going to clear soon. Picking at your acne repeatedly might lead to inflammation and scarring.

Skipping breakfast
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Skipping breakfast is very harmful because it uses up your energy reserves and harms the metabolism in the long run. The body needs energy to run normal activities throughout the day. This is why you need breakfast.