The Highs

African print galore
We love a good African print and there were lots of them at the event. A good number of the women at the event wore African print, and almost all the pieces looked tailored. Cropped tops, colourful head wraps and trousers all with interesting sharp cuts were on full display. Deedan, the host of the event wore hers in an oversize pair of trousers proving that print should not be boring. It is quite refreshing seeing that people are keeping the print alive and with a modern twist.

Off the shoulder everything
As with almost all festivals, the off-the-shoulder silhouette was everywhere. Half of the women at the event wore something with the silhouette. Much as this is an obvious choice for festival style, and it is always easy to stand out in it, the execution was commendable. The outfits looked really fresh.

The lows
Too much going on
It is okay to be different; in fact, it is easier to stand out when you dare to be different. However, different does not mean you should have too much going on. TV star Sheilah Gashumba wore a cropped top and trousers all in different prints and colours. This she wore with laceup heeled sandals and big gold hair. The prints were a little too busy put together. The shoes weren’t the most comfortable looking choice. The big hair and head wrap. There was just too much going on.

Sheer nakedness
There are so many ways to show off skin tastefully. You do not have to just walk around in an open dress showing off your underwear and everything underneath. It is usually hot, and everyone is trying to look sexy, however there is nothing ‘hot’ or sexy about walking around half naked.

Blankets and Wine: Cocktail of sounds and fashion

Blankets and wine is a music festival that brings together music lovers, socialites and a host of other revellers to enjoy a cocktail of sound from musicians of varying genres as they sip on wine and lounge around.
Interestingly, one of the highlights at the event is the festival fashion and style on display.
It is the only place to go to see and be seen in cool festival style just like Coachella.
Last weekend’s edition was no different, with attendees turning up in vibrant colours, cuts and prints. There were also many eye-popping accessories on display. Here are the highlights.

Rena Nalumansi’s stunning ensemble
Singer Rena Nalumansi made a rare choice wearing a pair of blue pleated trousers layered under a blue frilly dress and perforated platform heels. It was way too much detail on just one person.
However, this out of the box style choice landed her on the best dressed list of the evening. She looked really comfortable in the outfit and stood out. And, I guess that is all that really matters.

Seyi Shay
Nigerian singer Seyi Shay performed at the event wearing a gold pajama suit and a black slip dress. If you follow her on instagram you can agree with me that this is really her style and she didn’t try to go all out just to make an impression on Ugandans.
I doubt there was anyone at the event who wore what she was wearing.

Mimi Amina in modest wear
Hijabista Mimi Amina didn’t leave her modest style at home. She wore a printed shirt, white jeans and sneakers. This she paired with an orange head wrap.
She was definitely was one of the best dressed women of the evening. She looked comfortable and modest, but still appropriate for the event.