The terms and conditions were clear. The book, a John Grisham novel needed to be completed before the weekend otherwise every other fun plan would be cancelled.

This wasn’t a threat neither a seemingly scary thing to get him to do some reading! This mother was dead serious.
It’s a short 3 weeks holiday.

The school term is always deeply engaging; not with waking early to braving heavy traffic let alone the rigours of learning.
We all need to rest over the holidays!
But herein lies the challenge.
If a parent is not careful many children of the digital age will sleep and wake up late because of television compete with eating and more eating.

At the start of the holiday, through coersion the children drew their holiday plans.
This is not only important for planning, it ensures each child takes responsibility for their time.

Each plan included visiting grandparents because bonding with one’s grand parents should be part of any child’s holiday and to take it deeper the child should plan to help with house chores and activities as opposed to simply visiting and being spoilt by grand mother.

The other critical part of the plan is reading; not simply perusing through newspapers but serious reading and comprehension.
I once gave my son a book I assumed was for his age and he was done with it in two hours.
I quickly pushed the button higher so he is tasked to read more serious books.
So far he has completed two Grisham novels and is pushing a 3rd book. Not the best of targets for an 11 year old but we are getting there.

Sometimes it feels like this parent is a real task master, demanding for a clean and organised house, book reports, creative ideas and wholesome play! She demands excellence even when cleaning the kitchen rug!

Why so?! Because the real world is for problem solvers and not whiners.Oh! And how the children of today love to whine and complain with such a deep seated sense of self entitlement!

And yet the very world has contenders and challengers. The world has hungry and angry people. People who will step on your toes just to get to where they want to go.

The world is full of those who want to get without working and folks who will cut corners.
How do I help those in my care to see more and to desire only the best?!
How do I get them to see that an excellent spirit raises above short cuts?!
How do I teach them the value of hardwork and creativity? The need to work smart and the value of turning challenges into opportunities?!
I must deposit of myself in them. We must brave the inconveniences and there -in birth tenacity and a passion for greatness!
We must push our physical, mental and spiritual muscles to propel us through a world that never seeks to give and therein give of ourselves to leave a mark and make a contribution.
I’m raising world changers!