S ometimes it feels like the minute you manage to extract yourself from a group of venomous friends, you land right into another one. Have your ever experienced that kind of thing? When you decide to love and ignore the faults of the other person, you can enjoy a very fruitful relationship. That is, if that person chooses to ignore your faults too.

I have struggled with a weird kind of short temper all my life. I rarely vent; it just simmers on and off until I forget what the person did. Unfortunately, it takes me years to reach that level of forgetfulness.

So, this friend of mine uses every opportunity to stoke this temper. What do you do if this ‘toxic person’ is supposed to be a close friend? How do you walk away without causing emotional damage to yourself?

This got me thinking. Maybe, to an extent I am also toxic in the other person’s life. As you grow older and mature more in thought, you realise that there are always two sides to a coin.

There are people we have chosen to kick out of our lives because of their ‘bad’ influence over us, but I think it is time we thought about our own influences in their lives.

Over the weekend I learnt a bitter lesson from my friend. In her anger, she decided to dissect my character and from my view point, it did not look good. She was bitter and she said whatever was on her mind, things that she had kept to herself for years, for fear of hurting me. While I had always labeled her a hater, I realised that my attitude towards her had pushed her into this character.

I am still getting the courage to say sorry to her and unravel years of bitterness but it is hard to say sorry for things you were not aware you were doing.

But, for the sake of friendship I will go down on my knees because I am at an age where friends do not come easy and you should keep those whom you have known for a long time happy.
There is something about having constants in your life. Even those who have family feuds make sure they carry them to the next generation.