Florence Nakito a young career woman considers herself very trendy. She loves looking her best and does not spare anything in getting that image. One of her biggest dilemmas though is that while she loves makeup it does not love her back.

Nakito has what dermatologists call an intolerant skin.
“The most makeup I can use is lipstick, and only once in a while since applying it every day makes my lips peel and very dry. If I insist and apply foundation, cream, powder or any other such thing on my skin in the morning I will have a pimple breakout by evening. The best I can do is wear make-up for a few hours and get it off as soon as I can,” she laments.

It however, does not have to spell doom for Nakito or any other person with the same challenges that make-up gives them because one can still look great naturally without it.

Deogracious Mutyaba, a make-up artist shares that though make-up is used to lift and make a face look impeccable, a good skin is not made using make-up but rather naturally.

“What you eat, drink and one’s lifestyle and care for their skin is crucial to making it look the way it does, so before we can even talk make-up, it all begins from the inside,” he says.
Below are a few tips to work with that will leave your face glowing and beautiful, you will not need make up.

This helps rid your skin of dead skin that may clog the pores, which may eventually lead to pimples and other irritations. Though there are a number of manufactured products that one can use to exfoliate, there are also natural ingredients which provide good alternatives.

“Coffee, oats and rice are all good ingredients to use when exfoliating.
Using either of them, grind (using a grinder or blender) until they make a smooth and fine powder. Add little water and make a mixture that can be applied on your face. Gently massage the mixture into your skin using circular moves of your palms. Rinse face and apply oil or any product you always use. You will be good to go,” Mutyaba explains.

On the other hand, Emily Subira
Ssekajja a naturalist, notes that to pull off a hot look using natural means there is a wide range of options.

Aloe Vera mask
Use raw aloe vera gel by cutting the plant in the middle. Apply the gel on your face until dry. Rinse off with warm water, apply coconut oil and use turmeric as foundation, Ssekajja explains.

Turmeric for foundation
“Get a turmeric and squeeze out the juice/ liquid. Gently and carefully apply the liquid directly to the skin, blend it in well with theskin, because we want to look cute, not orange.

After the skin is well blended in the way one would apply foundation, you are good to go,” she says, cautioning that one should not use this when wearing white or a light-coloured cloth to avoid staining.
Chop about five pieces of okra and soak in a cup of water overnight. Use the slimy water to rinse face. “This will make your skin smooth. One can then apply a natural oil or butter, like shea or coconut and you have a natural glow. One can also use cow’s milk, rice water and fenugreek water. Rinsing your face with either will leave your skin looking fresh and glowing.

Intolerant skin?
If you have intolerant, allergy-prone skin, you are more vulnerable to external irritants. Your skin’s reactions can be fast and extreme, often with itching, tingling, burning sensations and redness developing within a few minutes of contact with an irritant. You might experience daily discomfort and find that you are unable to wear many kinds of cosmetics.