The sofa is one of the valuable items or accessories one can have in their home or office and it goes without saying that if not paid attention to the overall look can be dreadful.

Team it with a side stool or table. This is both decorative and functional. The side table should be the height of the couch or nearly its height as it is the piece you will reach out to when you need to place a cup of coffee, book or phone and having it way too short or tall may not exactly make it easy to use.

If the sofa is in an office, then a bookshelf right next to it would be great as it would be easy for you to stretch or sit in a more relaxed position while being able to pull out a file or folder and continue to work.

If you are not one of those side stool kind of people, before you roll your eyes consider a standing lamp which you can also use to read or change the mood of your living room.

Give it a base to sit on. We follow the principle of setting a tea cup on a saucer or a group of snacks on a tray, they need something to hold them a bit like keeping everything together and not scattered or floating away on their own. And this is what a good area rug will do to your sofa, just make sure none of them is competing for your attention. One of them should be more prominent in colour and pattern while the other submits in less quantities of the same.

Let’s not only look around the sofa but also above it. Most sofas are placed against the wall and so in this case it would be wrong to ignore the space above it. A large mirror or a photo collage or word art, depending on your style, would help accesorise this area.

I think it would be most inappropriate to conclude without making mention of the popular accessory throw cushions. Vary them in shapes and sizes to create good visual fodder. While you apply this, do not forget to follow the great rule of thumb which is to always have them in an odd number.

The sofa being the largest point of focus in your living room makes it one of the biggest opportunities to express your style, so make it count.