When I hear about the drama of landlords knocking on tenants’ doors on the 30th day of the month or landlords always cautioning tenants to use water, and electricity sparingly because they share metres, I wonder where people get such landlords from.

I keep hearing about stories of landlords calling a tenant and asking them to pay rent in advance because children have been chased from school over tuition fees. My landlord, Kenneth Mubiru, lets his tenants write their own contract terms and conditions of payment.

For instance, I wrote mine stating that I would pay rent every three months, another tenant pays every six months, others pay on monthly basis.

The different contracts
Everyone uses a payment plan they are comfortable with. He never gets to bug us for rent. On the contrary, we bug him to collect his rent. You can call him for his rent and he will take another month or two to pick the money until you call him threatening to use the money at which he will say “eat some little that you can replace, don’t eat all”.

There was a time I had not paid my rent three months after the due date, I expected him to call and demand the money but he did not. He waited until I got money and cleared. And when he received it, he thanked me instead of complaining about the late payment.

It is not just his patience, there is the regular package for each of us from his farm. I do not know of any other landlord who visit their farms and bring their tenants food stuff like mine does. And when it comes to repairs, if you called him about something in the house that is broken say a tap or socket, he fixes it without complaining.

Separate utility metres
Everyone has their meters for water but once he receives a message informing him that a tenant has paid their water bill, he will call to thank them.

My landlord does not impose rules on tenants. However, he does not accept immoral behaviour or disrespect, and quarrelsome tenants are not allowed on his premises. He once kicked out a tenant who was always beating his wife. He refunded one month’s rent, cfor them to find a house elsewhere.

He always knows how his tenants are doing as he keeps checking on us. And if one of us is unwell, he will check on them daily, bring them food or snacks until they get well.

Tenants rarely leave Mr Mubiru’s houses, most only leave when moving into their own. I think other landlords should pick a leaf from mine.