Here we are less than a week to the end of a completely unpredictable, engrossing and rather eerie World Cup that no one is planning to forget.
How did we find ourselves in this place with semifinals that for the first time ever in World Cup history have no Argentina, Brazil or Germany!
That all the four teams in the semifinals are European begs for a call for inward soul-searching from the rest of the world and that burden alone lies with the rise of showbiz rather than teamwork. Perhaps that is a discussion for another day.

Today, the focus is entirely on the remorse for predictions backed by the bookmakers who really cannot wait for this showpiece to come to an end – it has really brought out agitation in everyone.
The title favourites Argentina, Brazil, Germany, Spain and Uruguay are all home and we are left with Belgium, Croatia, England and France.
We did not subscribe to all of this drama when we committed our time to follow the action in Russia, at least not knowingly.

If anything, we asked for entertainment but to be subjected to a rise and fall in blood pressure at every turn of ball possession has some of us falling from the edges of seats as a new habit.
Jaw dropping and stupendous action is steadily setting the pace for the remaining four games but mostly everyone will agree that whatever happens from here on, it has really been a great showcase of quality.
Some records have fallen too. A staggering total of 28 penalties have been awarded so far thanks to the new Video Assistant Referee (VAR) technology.

And on that goals galore note, this World Cup broke the record for longest streak without a goalless draw – 37 games before France and Denmark decided otherwise in their last Group C tie.
From the heartbreak and shock of seeing the big boys head home because they so much as rely on pedigree and not form to the anxiety of wishing to know what lies ahead of us, we shall spend this week rubbing our elbows in anticipation of July 15.
May it come really soon!

*The writer is a journalist with
SuperSport Television