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Shocking beyond belief. This year alone, I have been shocked by the antics of some of the latest products of the police college.

Last Sunday, we revealed some offences committed by the police against Ugandans. We also showed incompetence and avoidance of professional responsibility by the same Uganda Police Force when it came to investigations, capturing and prosecuting wrongdoers.
This phenomenon was well-illustrated in the first part of this article which revealed the names of officers who failed in their responsibilities.
Unless my services were terminated without my knowledge, you recall that I am retained by the government as a police trainer.
However, this year alone, I have been shocked by the antics of some of the latest products of the police college. At least four of them have not only been totally untrained and exhibited sheer ignorance of what they are supposed to do, but their acts and behaviour have been shocking beyond belief.
Only a few days ago, two of them invaded my bedroom while I was there. One of them was armed with a pistol and the other attempted to cripple or murder me.
One by the name of PC Opio pretended to have some confidential matter to discuss with me but when he entered my bedroom, he rushed to strangle me. Fortunately, he found me in the company of two civilian guests, Michael and Natasha.
He ignored them like a mad man and reached out to grab me. My Police guard who was in the premises and Michael between them saved my life. Following an alarm by my housekeeper, he rushed into my bedroom and wrestled with Opio and eventually succeeded in arresting and dragging him out of the bedroom.
My former body guard, PC Alfred Olal had earlier been arrested or recalled by his seniors for professional misconduct against me.
Mr President, imagine when I recently enquired about disciplinary proceedings against the three, their commandant told me a few days ago that they have simply been deployed elsewhere without any investigation, disciplinary hearing or action taken.
In Part I of this article, I lamented about police officers who were assigned personally by CID director Grace Akullo to investigate an incident. They were led by one Tumugumye and on arrival they claimed they were investigating the incident which actually concerned the departure of a domestic worker.
In fact, four of them persuaded me to sell them one of my latest books on credit, a promise they have not honoured since.
It is now almost a month since they promised to arrest the suspect but although I have been calling the telephone numbers, there have been no responses. I recently tricked Tumugumye by using a friend’s telephone. Unsuspecting, he answered. After recognising my voice, he said: “Sorry Prof, I am in a meeting with my boss. I will call you later.” He never did.
A few days ago, I telephoned Ms Akullo, his boss, and explained my frustrations.
She said: “I am sorry my lord. I will find out, but I beg you Prof to be patient with us. Police work is done professionally and not in the way you think.”
Today, as I write, I have not heard of any developments from any of them. This is notwithstanding that Tumugumye had told me in a later telephone conversation that they had already found the suspect and they would be bringing her to my residence on the November 20 for me to identify the property she had taken from my residence. I am not surprised that he has neither called me again nor fulfilled his promise.
Mr President, you are the Fountain of Honour. You have told the citizens and residents of Uganda that there are criminal elements in the police. Constitutionally, legally, politically and as commander-in-chief, you are their all-powerful boss.
Therefore, if the people are to trust and believe in you as leader of this country, it is incumbent upon you to act and behave in a way they believe in you and have confidence in what you promise. This question is not a political party, family or governance question. It is purely personal to you and I believe you know that and what Ugandans expect from the leaders of their country.
For God and My Country

Prof Kanyeihamba is a retired Supreme Court judge.
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